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Whether you are interested in group fitness and social opportunities, meal planning, or building on your knowledge of diabetes and treatment options, we can help! We work with your local community partners and employers to deliver fun and educational events with our Certified Diabetes Educators. Have an idea for an event or class? Let us know! We bet you are not the only one with questions.

If you are interested in signing up for a workshop, please
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Changing the Conversation Conference Notes (May 7/19)...

The Art and Science of Diabetes Management - Dr Greg Becks, MD, FRCPC, Cert.Endo & Chantelle Walker, RN,CDE

All Foods Fit - Emerging Trends in Nutrition & Their Impact on Diabetes Management - Marla Heathers, RD, CDE 

Medication Update 2019: Individualizing & Intensifying New Treatments Using a Shared-decision Making Model - Heather Prescott, NP, CDE

Rebuilding Empathy - Lyle MacDonald, BSW, RSW

Diabetes and Aboriginal Health - Renee Young, RD, SOAHAC